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About Bioflex

Bioflex body jewelry was designed by a professional body piercer in the UK and it was the first bio-compatible body jewelry on the market.

  • It is a unique, medically approved* plastic that is far superior to all other forms of plastic body jewelry and it is manufactured according to European standards (the most demanding in the world).
  • It was created by a piercer for piercers and so it is autoclavable and suitable for initial piercings.
  • Fully bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic.
  • It helps heal troubling (or infected) piercings faster.
  • Pure Bioflex is MRI safe (except jewelled pieces)
  • It minimizes irritation and maximizes style.
  • It’s highly flexible!  It moves with the body for maximum comfort and durability. Perfect for active people and physical workers. The navel bars are extra long and are the perfect product to use during pregnancy.
  • Hygenic and easy to keep clean because it is highly polished.
  • It’s transparent so it’s easy to hide your piercing!
  • It’s adjustable! Use sharp scissors or a sharp blade to reduce the length of your BioFlex bar, if necessary.
  • It’s heat and cold resistant so it’s cool in the summer and doesn’t freeze in the winter

Suitable for initial piercing, autoclavable

*BioFlex complies to regulations on Medical Use: the Council of Europe, European Pharmacopeia, 3rd Edition (1997) and Supplement 2001 Monograph 3.2.2 USA. The product has passed the Class IV tests (for Bio-compatibility) of the United States Pharmacopeia XXIV and has been approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration for implantation and medical use.

BioFlex exceeds the criteria of body piercing professionals and has successfully been used for initial piercings by piercers across the world.